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Rise Of the Guardians. Hey, Hug Me.
by DakotaLIAR (MisterLIAR)




*flicks holy water at screen* evil spirits begone, the power of christ compels you


come back evil spirits i didn’t mean it

Disney Villains Asks
The Evil Queen: Something I want
Gothel: My age
Cruella: My favorite animal
Jafaar: Three wishes I would make
Ursula: My favorite song
Maleficent: Something that makes me angry
Hades: A goal for the future
Madam Mim: My favorite color
Queen of Hearts: The sports I play
Scar: How I get along with my siblings
Clayton: What I would do with a thousand dollars
Shan Yu: A country I want to visit
Gaston: Something I like about myself
Frollo: A guilty pleasure
Dr. Facilier: Do I believe in ghosts?
Madame Medusa: My birthstone
Lady Tremaine: Do I want kids?
Captain Hook: The story behind a scar I have
Syndrome: A superpower I want
Ratcliffe: A material possession that I love